HumHumanitarian Nursing and Medical Efforts in Tanzania, East Africa in ni

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Massai Boma, Ngorongoro Conservation area.  Tanzania

Last year Dr. Steele was a facilitator , as faculty to a Cross Cultural Nursing Course with a clinical component in Arusha, Tanzania.  While there, she formed friendships with colleagues and has on-going dialogues with physicians, midwives and other medical personnel associated with the care of patients.  This year she will return with a group of health care providers to identify issues in care, to provide knowledge and collaboration with providers in Tanzania.

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Dr. Elly Mwanga

Colleagues in Tanzania

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HDr.Dr. Mwanga works in Same, a region near Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  He understands that there are many barriers to providing care to his patients.  There are many needs, but mostly what is needed is knowledge.  Physicians and health care practitioners seek colleagues to discuss care and cases.  Patients and the larger community has many needs.
We are planning to return to this region in June 2019 to identify gaps in knowledge and to teach and work beside our Tanzanian colleagues to strengthen care efforts to more rural communities.
If you are a medical care provider and wish to join this group, contact Dr. Steele
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