Many people believe that health and wellness should be covered by their insurance.  While this would be wonderful, most insurance companies pay for traditional health visits and not wellness visits.  A wellness visit requires much more time and effort in anticipation of your visit, in the time spent during your visit and in the time after your visit.  This results in a more comprehensive visit for the patient and a development and evaluation of a plan for wellness.

While everyone needs to have money when then deliver wellness services, collecting money is not the primary focus of this business.....wellness is.  Patients will be able to pay directly through the website, or will be billed via paypal for visits.  Payment is expected at the time that services are rendered if this is traditional care ( an annual examination), and at least one week prior to a visit for all other types of care.  Patients will receive an invoice for services rendered and may have codes  to attempt reimbursement from insurance companies.  Please be advised that Renaissance Midwifery and Integrative Health is not able to fill out paperwork,  speak on your behalf to insurance companies, to provide all manner of information and otherwise "jump through hoops" with insurance companies.  The patient is responsible for payments.