Annual examination:  Includes a complete history and physical examination, pap smear  ( if indicated), orders for breast screening and order for annual blood work.

Hormone balancing consultation: The hormone balancing consultation allows for a consultation regarding symptoms, concerns and future goals for health.  Hormone testing is not included with this visit, but is a way to determine if testing may be needed Laboratory tests will be explained and ordered if needed.

Hormone balancing Initial visit: The hormone balancing initial visit includes a review of the health history, a physical examination which may include a pap smear (if indicated), a discussion of test findings and plan for care, which may include prescriptions.

Sleep Wellness Visit: If you don't sleep well, you don't live well.  That's a fact.  This 11/2 hour visit  includes a health history and investigation of sleep history.  This may include bowel testing or DNA testing and cost for the testing is the responsibility of the patient.

Intuitive counseling: Often, we need to just talk to someone so that we can get our thoughts arranged properly.  Dealing with stress, and learning techniques to deal with ordinary and extraordinary life issues can improve quality of life.  Sessions are 1 hour

Health Assessment Initial visit: Health Assessment Initial visit allows for a visual determination of areas that need assistance to promote optimal health.  Sometimes this is hormonal in nature, but sometimes also neurotransmitters are involved, or inflammation or other health issues that are causing less than optimal health

Hormone balancing follow-up:  This visit involves a discussion of the current health plan, a bhange in prescription ( if necessary), and a plan, moving forward toward restoring health.  ( usually 3-6 months after the initial visit)

Follow-up sleep health visit: This visit reviews information/history, identifies barriers to sleep and a develop a plan to help with insomnia

Essential oil treatment: Essential oil treatment applied to the back of the patient promotes relaxation and assists in strengthening the immune system.

Weight loss evaluation: For those who watch their diet, get exercise and yet weight loss is elusive, there may be reasons that those efforts are not rewarded by traditional wieight loss tactics. DNA testing provides good information that informs a plan for sustained weight loss.  A comprehensive history and examination may unearth the underlying reasons that weight loss is so elusive.  A DNA testing kit is given at this visit.